• Matsing Antenna Optimization Tool

    Designed to assist RF Design Engineers, System Performance Engineers and Field Test Engineers.

    It calculates the cell range for upper 3dB, lower 3dB and the main lobe of an antenna.

    Quick User Guide;

    • Select the antenna model that needs optimization
    • Click “on show data” button
    • Tool displays the RF propagation information
    • Enter the antenna height (feet)
    • Enter a desired tilt (degrees) value from a pre-defined tilt range
    • Click on “Calculate” button
    • The tool calculates the cell range in miles & km
    • Repeat the same steps for a different tilt setting
  • MS-SLP (Stadium Laser Pointer Tool)

    MS-SLP is an optimization tool designed by Matsing to assist installers in achieving the highest accuracy during installation and optimization of the Matsing Lens antennas in a stadium environment.

    Applicable Antenna models:
    A. MS-18H90, MS-8F45
    B. MS-8H60, MS-8F30
    C. MS-12H90, MS-12F45


  • Matsing MBA Tool

    Compare RF Coverage between MatSing family of MBA antennas and other vendors by using selection of:

    • Various tilt settings
    • Combination of all beams
    • Combination of two beams
    • Using individual beams