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MatSing delivers unmatched wireless network performance in outdoor locales and marquis indoor venues via our innovative and patented lens antenna technology to ensure best-in-class user experience

MatSing delivers unmatched wireless network performance in outdoor locales and marquis indoor venues via our innovative and patented lens antenna technology to ensure best-in-class user experience

Our Mission

Deliver unmatched network performance with highest capacity connectivity via our innovative and pragmatic lens antenna technology

Our Vision

Deliver modern communications infrastructure where mobile network speed, bandwidth, and capacity transcend today’s connectivity needs

Who We Are

As the pioneer for RF Lens, MatSing has transformed the antenna technology used to deliver mobile connectivity. Our patented lens antennas have become the preferred choice for carriers, venues, towns and communities in both outdoor and in-building deployments globally.

Our multi-beam lens antennas deliver un-matched network capacity and provide an immersive experience for mobile broadband users. Providing industry-leading 5G throughput and performance, our lens antennas scale effectively to provide a pragmatic and future-proof solution.

  • Customer-First : Agile

    We adopt a customer-first mindset and have built in agility throughout our organization to deliver best-in-class RF Lens antenna products and superior service for our customers… always!

  • Family Mindset : Team Oriented

    We prioritize the needs of our team members, always treating them as part of the Matytsine family; these values permeate onto our relationships with our customers, vendors, and partners.

  • Pragmatic : Innovative

    We focus on constant innovation in our products and processes; in doing so, we always place emphasis on simplistic, economically beneficial, and eco-friendly infrastructure solutions.

  • Understanding : Empathetic

    While we are highly passionate about what we do, we always place emphasis on understanding the needs of others; consideration and empathy are deeply embedded values in our people


Our Innovative Technology

  • The How is important when explaining the benefits of our patented Lens Antenna technology which can deliver multiple, independent, focused high-performance beams from a single antenna
  • With the ability to tightly focus RF signals, a MatSing antenna can also target a very precise area without interfering with neighboring zones providing the cleanest and highest capacity and coverage, while using less power
  • A lens antenna forms or bends electromagnetic waves through refraction; by placing a single radiating element on the surface of a spherical Luneburg lens, a high gain signal is created radiating from the opposite side of the spherical lens
  • Since the lens is symmetrical, multiple radiating elements can be placed around the surface of the lens to create multiple simultaneous and independent beams from a single lens antenna
  • Luneburg lenses are designed in multiple layers using varying dielectric material, usually making it difficult to construct large lenses; we use our own patented metamaterial for all lens construction, enabling us to manufacture large, lightweight lens antennas that are suitable for any event or location
  • Fewer antennas and the ability to use traditional line-of-sight locations lend to faster and cheaper deployments while delivering record breaking throughput and data capacity for the users

Our History

  • 2006

    Began development of patented material for RF lens antennas

  • 2008

    Developed and patented world’s 1st meta-material for RF lens antennas

    Built world’s 1st Luneburg (spherical) large-size lens antenna


  • 2009

    Demonstrated 1m diameter 360 degree multi-band lens antenna at Singapore Airshow

  • 2010

    Developed antenna measurement technology leveraging lens antennas and deployed at NUS


  • 2011

    Showcased lens antenna at Communications Asia, the premier technology trade show in Singapore

  • 2013

    Launched US operations with office in Irvine, CA


  • 2014

    World’s 1st commercial deployment of patented multi-beam lens antenna at Coachella Music Festival
    Record-breaking capacity and performance delivered at Coachella event

  • 2015

    Macro lens antennas deployed at major US events including SXSW, Coachella, and Presidential Inauguration


  • 2018

    Deployed the new Large Sphere lens antennas at Amalie Arena, home of the NHLs Tampa Bay Lightning

  • 2019

    Launched new Network Antennas for macro capacity relief

    Deployed the new Network Antennas globally


  • 2020

    Deployed Large Sphere lens antennas at AT&T Stadium, home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, and Allegiant Stadium, home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders

  • 2021

    Developed large size, 450 beams, and high gain lens antenna for satellite application


  • 2022

    Developed Gen-II lens antennas specially designed to provide higher gain and narrow vertical beamwidth to offload capacity in macro networks

What others say about us

With data demands of cell phones continuing to grow exponentially, driven by new apps and technology, our legacy DAS infrastructure could not keep up with those demands. AT&T introduced us to MatSing’s antenna technology, and we immediately knew their technology would give us the necessary capabilities with room to grow.

We looked at a hybrid approach, to use under-seat [DAS] antennas for the first 15 or 20 rows, but the cost was astronomical. We also heard that [an underseat deployment] may not have performed as well as we wanted. I had heard about the full MatSing deployment at Amalie and wondered if we could do that. It is the perfect marriage of cost reduction, better performance and aesthetics. We even painted them black, like little Death Stars. It’s one of the most innovative decisions we made.