MatSing University

MatSing offers RF Design Tools training which are beneficial to;

  • RF Capacity Planners
  • RF Design Engineers
  • Inbuilding / DAS Design Engineers
  • System Performance Engineers
  • RF System Integrators

Please submit a training request if you are interested.

    We provide pattern files in the following formats;
    • iBwave
    • Atoll
    • Planet
    • Asset
    • Pafx
    • Geoplan
    Course outline for the existing classes;
    • Overview of Matsing antennas.
    • How to read a MatSing antenna datasheet.
    • How to locate a datasheet on the MatSing website.
    • How to find pattern files on the Matsing website.
    • How to incorporate.
    • How to mount Matsing antenna onto an iBwave file.
    • How to change antenna tilt/azimuth/reference and reference individual beams.
    • Miscellaneous other considerations.
    • Q&A
    Please register for a MatSing Training and look forward to seeing you soon!