Installation Training Course

Matsing Installation Training Course

Full-day, free-of-cost on-site training course for general contractors covering everything you need to know about installing Matsing Antennas in venues & macro networks.

Course Content

Introduction to Matsing Products & Technology

  • Large Spheres Antennas
  • MBA Antennas
  • Light Pole Antennas
  • Single Beam Antennas

Antenna Document Navigation (Matsing Website)

  • Datasheets
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Connector Layouts
  • RET Connections
  • RRH Configurations

Lab Training & Tour

  • Connecting multiple antenna models to RRHs
  • 2×2 & 4×4 Configuration

SLP Training (Stadium Laser Pointer) Tool



Richardson, Texas



Flexible schedule depending on the number of participants per session.


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