Notable recent deployments of MatSing Spherical Multi-beam Antennas in Africa.

Recent Matsing Antenna Deployment in Africa


MS-MBA-3.2-H4-L4 deployment in South Africa

Delft, Cape Town, South Africa

December, 2019

Matsing MBA-8 antenna deployed at Delft to densify the network and provide additional capacity.

A single sector breaking due to capacity can be simply replaced by any antenna from Matsing MBA family of antennas.
Matsing MBA-8 antenna covers a wide range of spectrum from 1695-2690MHz.

Cricket Stadium, South Africa

May, 2019

South African Wireless Operator using Matsing Lens Antennas at Cricket Stadium to improve the fan experience.

Matsing antennas provide the dominant RF signal with minimum overlap between sectors/beams.